My 'Little Rocky' designs

I made this bright orange rocker in 2016 as a wedding present for some friends. It is based on the Little Rocky rocking dinosaur (Pinnochio Rex - see below) which has a lolling red leather tongue and mouth that opens and snaps closed when the handle is pulled.

The happy couple's pet names for each other are Squirrel (him) and Dinosaur (her), hence the Rocking Dinosaur with a Red Squirrel's tail. They also have a little baby boy who is not big enough to ride, yet.

Here the little rocker is being test-ridden by my grand-daughter Margot, aged 9 months.

Birch plywood rockers with a choice of five swappable heads - Simple & Carved Horse heads, Rocking Dinosaur (Pinnochio Rex), Rocking Jumbo & Rocking Kangaroo.

Plans for home woodworkers to make any of these super little rockers, along with precision cut wooden parts and accessories, are available from The Rocking Horse Shop.

Here ridden by my grandson Abel, aged 7 months, Little Rockys are suitable for children aged up to around 3 years.