During the pandemic I have been working on two new Rocking Horse books...

The Complete Rocking-Horse Maker

2nd edition - fully revised

In The Complete Rocking-Horse Maker 2 I have distilled all that I've learned in 45 years as a designer, maker & restorer. The comprehensive and practical manual contains projects for all levels of ability, from simple hobby and chair horses for toddlers to a fully-carved carousel horse & archetypal Victorian style beauties in several sizes.

The book has been fully revised and updated, with new chapters on plywood laminated horse construction, restoration & the history of rocking-horses.

Contains over 435 photographs and 60 drawings.

Making It with Rocking-Horses

Almost 50 years ago I set out to revive a near-defunct craft and, together with partner and wife Pat, build a fulfilling and profitable life-style enterprise. 

This is a very personal story of unprecedented success in the face of flood, fire, bureaucratic obstacles, near-death experiences, and tragedy.

Contains over 75 photographs and drawings.

“A must-read for anyone trying to juggle family, business and creative endeavours.” www

Lara Stafford, Theatre of Science.

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