Life After Rocking Horses...


Eighteen months ago, after 40 years designing, making and selling rocking horses, I finally sold up and stopped.

Are you retiring? Friends asked.

Divorced from my enterprise I was free.

But still had a desire to keep making things and a head full of ideas.

No, I said. Gotta keep busy. Stave off dementia and death.


Set about building a new workshop and studio.

Made a ‘Rocking Jesus’ and showed it at a Christmas party.

JR, the party’s extremely wealthy host said, Can I have it?

No, I said, it’s the only one. But I’m thinking of making another (a 2nd coming?). If you like it you can have it, no charge. I don’t want to be bothered with deadlines or making to sell, not anymore.

JR said, I would like one. But you must allow me to pay for it.

In that case, I said, forget it.


Crazy: 40 years struggling to make a decent living out of my craft, now I’m refusing an offer of good work from a multi-millionaire.


This Spring my new/old wife and I turned 70. We had a grand party and decided to keep on living, loving and working until we’re carried out of here feet first.


My new 'man cave' is nearing completion. JR is still waiting.

Keep on Rocking.

Anthony Dew, Toymaker, August 2018.